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About your pointe shoe fitting

A first pointe shoe fitting is an unforgettable milestone in your dance journey, and our professional pointe shoe fitters are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our professional fitters

With the different styles, widths and sizes available, Bloch offers over 1000 variations of pointe shoes. Although this may seem overwhelming, our professional fitters are dedicated to help you find your perfect fit!

All Bloch staff undergo a comprehensive training program and have extensive pointe shoe knowledge and fitting experience.

As leading industry professionals, our fitters will consider all aspects of your personal shoe requirements to ensure you are fitted correctly.

What to expect at your fitting

Fittings usually last between 30 – 40 mins. Wear comfortable clothing as you will be asked to plié and rise during your fitting. It is also important for your fitter to see your bare feet at the start of your fitting, so either wear convertible tights or use the ballet socks provided in store. Ensure that your toenails are trimmed to an appropriate length to minimise discomfort when standing en pointe.

Communication with your fitter is essential in achieving the best fit possible. It is also recommended to bring your most recent pair of pointe shoes to your fitting, so that your fitter can assess the way they have worn.

Step by step

Your first pair of pointes in five fail-safe steps – that’s why teachers and students choose Bloch.

Step One


Find out from your ballet teacher if you’re ready to go en pointe. You may also choose to undertake a pre-pointe assessment with a dance physiotherapist who will assess your foot strength and technique.

Step Two

Book your

Now you’ve got the green light, book your pointe shoe fitting appointment

Step Three

Head to our store

The big day is here. Make sure you wear comfy clothing that allows you plié and rise without restriction – and don’t forget to bring your booking confirmation with you!

Step Four

your fit

One of our knowledgeable pointe shoe fitters will assess your foot shape, flexibility, strength and alignment at the barre and shortlist a range of suitable pointe shoe styles.

Step Five

Your Cinderella

Now for the fun part – you can try on each suitable style and size until you find your perfect fit! Your fitter will recommend padding options, ribbons and – if it’s your first pair – a free gift!

Remember that your pointe shoe needs will constantly evolve throughout your dance journey. As you grow, your feet – and their needs – change. It’s important to get professionally re-fitted throughout your pointe shoe journey to ensure that you continue to wear the best shoe for you!

Sewing Ribbon onto Pointe Shoes


  • Ribbon bundles are sold in one long 2¼ metre length so the ribbon needs to be cut in half and then in half again so there are four pieces, one for each side of the shoe.
  • Take one piece of ribbon and at one end fold one centimetre over once and then fold it over two centimetres again.
  • To attach the ribbons at the correct angle, fold the back of the shoe forward and down, then mark each side of the shoe on the cotton lining in the angle made.
  • Place the folded end of the ribbon at the marked position and sew as shown in the drawing onto the side of the shoe through the cotton lining but not through the satin. The ribbons may be angled forward if required to hold the shoe on more securely.

For extra support the ribbon can be sewn further down the shoe close to the inner sole at the same position. Do not sew the ribbon through the binding as the drawstring cord can not be adjusted and the binding may pull away from the satin. The cord inside the binding of the pointe shoe is to adjust the tension of the width of the upper. It should be adjusted while on the foot, and tied in a double knot with the excess cord tucked into the shoe and not be visible. Do not cut the excess of the cords off, as should the knot come undone the ends would be lost inside the binding.

Bloch Elastoribs are pre-cut into four pieces and each has an elastic piece sewn into the ribbon length not quite in the centre so one length is shorter than the other. The shorter length should be pinned to the marked area for sewing to check that when the ribbon is wound around the ankle the elastic sits directly behind the Achilles tendon. The Elastoribs come with detailed instructions in the packet.


Our Story

Jacob Bloch, a shoemaker by trade, immigrated to Australia from Lithuania in 1931 during the height of The Great Depression.

Jacob’s love of music, theatre and dancing took him to the local ballet schools and at one of these schools he noticed a young dancer struggling to stay en pointe. Jacob promised he would make her a better pair of pointe shoes to dance in, and so he did. It was 1932 when the first Bloch ballet shoes were made in a candle lit workshop in Paddington, Sydney.

Jacob’s reputation for making high-quality dance shoes spread rapidly. In the late 1930s, many overseas ballet companies toured Australia, including The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Jacob made shoes for many of these visiting Russian ballerinas, including Olga Spessivtseva, Tamara Toumanova, Irina Baranova, David Lichine, Tatiana Riabouchinskaya and Helene Kirsova, all to their own specifications.

His effort was so successful that it generated the creation of a full range of dance products. Since that time the rapid growth of Bloch’s reputation has established the brand as one of the most trusted within the industry.

Quite simply, Bloch’s dance DNA is in every product we make. Today Bloch is fulfilling the promise made by its founder all those years ago.

Trusted by the industry

Leading dance companies the world over rely on Bloch to provide their dancers with a steady flow of high-quality, hand crafted pointe shoes.

Pointe Shoe Tutorials

As pointe shoes are a dancer’s tool, careful maintenance and preparation is key. Bloch pointe shoes are made in the traditional method, using natural fibres and pastes so the foot absorbs less strain through the intentional breaking down of the shoe, helping to prevent injury and minimise discomfort. Before wearing new pointe shoes, some preparation is essential and recommended.

Browse our foot accessories for foot care products, ribbons, elastic and toe caps. Read our guide for Sewing Ribbons onto Pointe Shoes, tips on maintenance and care of pointe shoes

If your requested booking time is unavailable, a member of the Bloch team will contact you to reschedule your appointment. Your booking is made under the assumption you have undergone a pre-pointe assessment by your teacher or physio. In the interest of health and safety, Bloch reserves the right to discontinue the fitting process should the fitter decide the student is not ready.



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