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Gatsby Rock’n’Roll Mens Resin Sole Shoes

Made by PW Dancewear

Resin Sole

Black & White Leather

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Gatsby Rock n Roll Mens Resin Sole Shoes.

Sizes 5-12 available

The leather used is 100% A grade leather.

No fillers are used.

Should to be noted though that skin is a natural product and small imperfections may occur from time to time.

The sole available is a resin rubber or leather suede.

Size 5.0 -Inside measurement approx 24.0cm

Size 5.5 -Inside measurement approx 24.5cm

Size 6.0 -Inside measurement approx 25.0cm

Size 6.5 -Inside measurement approx 25.5cm

Size 7.0 -Inside measurement approx 26.0cm

Size 7.5 – Inside measurement approx 26.5cm

Size 8.0 – Inside measurement approx 27cm

Size 8.5 – Inside measurement approx 27.5cm

Size 9.0 – Inside measurement approx 28cm

Size 9.5 – Inside measurement approx 28.5cm

Size 10 -Inside measurement approx 29.0cm

Size 10.5 -Inside measurement approx 29.5cm

Size 11.0 – Inside measurement approx 30cm

Please note:

Due to the many different variations in shoe sizes from brand to brand it is best to make your shoe selection based on your actual foot measurement.

If your foot measurement is between length sizes, it’s best to select the longer size shoes.

Full size shoes cater for regular width foot. Half sizes cater better for a wider foot.

How To Correctly Measure Your Foot Length:

Place your foot on a piece of paper on a hard flat surface.

With a pencil or pen draw around your foot keeping the pencil/pen at 90 degrees.

Take the piece of paper and measure from the center of your longest toe to the center of the heel.

This measurement will be your shoe length.

Repeat this process for your other foot.

When you measure your feet you may find one foot is longer than the other, and this is quite normal. Use the larger size foot when making your shoe size selection from the size options above.


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