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The Axiom pointe shoe is an ideal performance shoe for a dancer with strong leg and foot muscular development. The shoe molds to the shape of the foot providing many internal contact points. The full length shank/insole is pasted up to the three/quarter and is not tacked at the heel. The standard design can be tailored to the extreme position where there is no arch resistance from the break point to the heel. With less resistance from the shank/insole past the break point the dancer will feel well supported and uplifted when ‘en pointe’. The tapered box with medium to long vamp and wings keep the foot centred and held laterally. The Axiom has diagonal side seams which reduce satin creasing. The low profile creates an elegant, graceful leg line and enhances foot articulation.

Ribbons sold separately

Flexible shank at arch – Emphasises and supports the arch of the foot ‘en pointe’ at the three quarter
Comfortable and flat last – Improves weight distribution
Low cut sides and heel – Better fit to show the foot rather than the shoe
Diagonal side seam – Reduces creasing
Heel cushion – Cups the heel and holds the shape
‘B’ Paste – Molds quickly to the shape of the foot and enhances foot articulation


  • Upper Material:Satin
  • Outsole Material:Leather
  • Lining Material:Cotton
  • Sock Material:Suede
  • Sole:Full Length
  • Heel Cushion:Yes
  • Dancer Level:Advanced students and professionals
  • Colours:Pink
  • Widths:NX, X, XX, XXX
  • Sizes:2 – 8
  • Drawstring:Cord
  • Last Shape:Flat and Shallow
  • Shank/Insole:Unsecured at Heel
  • Vamp Length:Medium/ Long
  • Vamp Shape:U
  • Platform Shape:Oval
  • Sides/Seam:Very Low/ Diagonal
  • Heel Shape:Narrow
  • Paste:’B’ Paste
  • Box Cushioning:No


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