Fitting Ballet Shoes


It is very important to fit ballet shoes correctly.  This will help you develop a proper technique and help prevent injury to the foot.

A proper fitting ballet shoe is not the same as fitting normal street shoes.  There should be no growing space and the shoe should fit like a glove with the toes flat inside the shoes.  ie. the toes will always be at the end of the ballet shoe with any extra room being at the back of the shoe and down the sides of the foot. Too much extra room will not show a proper arch and it is important for your dance teacher to see the shape of your foot while performing.  If the shoe is too large, the dancer will have difficulty when articulating to pointe.

The vamp should cover the toes so that the foot is secure in the ballet shoe.  The toes should also fit well as they will slip behind the pleats if they do not.  Where the dancer has a wider foot, we have wide fitting ballet shoes available.

It is also equally important that the shoe is not too tight and whist standing in your new ballet shoes, your toes much not be scrunched up at the end of the shoe and there must be no pain but must be snug. Both leather and canvas ballet shoes will stretch slightly and mold to the shape of your foot.


If you are unable to have a ballet shoe fitting done at Dancewear Essentials here is some advice on how to measure your feet.

  1.  Place a piece of blank paper on a hard floor.
  2.  Stand on the paper.
  3.  Holding a pencil vertically, place a mark at the end of your heel.
  4.  Place another mark at the top of your longest toe.
  5.  Repeat for the other foot.
  6.  To find your size, measure the heel-to-toe mark in cms.

It is recommended that you purchase your shoes from Dancewear Essentials  – your local Energetiks Stockist.   This shoe size chart is a guide only.  It should be used as an aid and should not replace a personal fitting. Dance shoes should be a firm fit with very little growing room.

This chart is here to give you a general idea on sizing.  The chart below is reflective of a professional fit (a tighter fit).  Size may vary due to shape and width of foot.




Full Sole  (UK)       Foot length (cm)

7                                 15.4

7.5                              15.6

8                                 16

8.5                             16.4

9                                 16.8

9.5                              17.2

10                               17.6

10.5                            18

11                                18.4

11.5                             18.8

12                                19.2

12.5                            19.6

13                                20

13.5                            20.4

1                                  20.8

1.5                              21


Full Sole (UK)         Foot length (cm)

2                                 22

2.5                              22.5

3                                 23

3.5                              23.5

4                                 24

4.5                              24.5

5                                 25

5.5                              25.5

6                                 26

6.5                              26.5

7                                 27

7.5                              27.5

8                                 28

8.5                              28.5