Pointe Shoe Information

We stock and excellent range of Pointe Shoes for Beginner Students to Advanced including leading brands such as Bloch, Energetiks, Freed of London etc.

Book ahead for your Pointe Shoe fitting with an experienced Fitter

Telephone 07 5432871 

  • Pointe Shoe Fitting (First Time) 45 mins Please wear convertible tights
  • Pointe Shoe Fitting (Re-Fit) 30 minutes Please bring your old pointe shoes and padding/accessories so we can assess the current fit and wear and tear.

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If you would like to enquire about our stock availability for a repeat Pointe Shoe (if you are certain of your exact style, size, width and strength) we can courier shoes promptly to you along with any accessories you may require.


Wear comfortable clothing as you will be asked to plié and rise during your fitting. It is also important for your fitter to see your bare feet at the start of your fitting, so either wear convertible tights or use the ballet socks provided in store.

Medical fraternities advise that a young student should not commence pointe work before the age of eleven or twelve as the cartilage and bones of the feet are still soft. The student would normally have been studying ballet for about three to four years prior to going ‘en pointe’. Serious damage could occur if pointe work is commenced at too early an age before the correct development of all the muscles, however it is the teacher who would advise on this.

Once your ballet teacher says you are ready to go onto pointe, you will need to make an appointment for a Pointe Shoe Fitting which will take between 30 – 40 mins    Your teacher may also have a preference for toe protection to be worn inside your pointe shoes,  and there will be variety of suitable products on hand during your fitting.

It is important for the student to be able to communicate with their pointe fitter as this conversation and any feedback between them is essential in achieving the best fit possible. It is beneficial for all concerned should the teacher be able to attend this special fitting of the student’s first pair of pointe shoes otherwise your teacher will need to approve them.  Once she has done this you can then proceed to sewing on the ribbons and/or elastics and other accessories such as suede toe caps if required.


  • Ribbon bundles are sold in one long 3 metre length so the ribbon needs to be cut in half and then in half again so there are four pieces, one for each side of the shoe. 

  • Take one piece of ribbon and at one end fold one centimetre over once and then fold it over two centimetres again.

  • To attach the ribbons at the correct angle, fold the back of the shoe forward and down, then mark each side of the shoe on the cotton lining in the angle made.

  • Place the folded end of the ribbon at the marked position and sew as shown in the drawing onto the side of the shoe through the cotton lining but not through the satin. The ribbons may be angled forward if required to hold the shoe on more securely.

SALE – Bloch Sylphide Pointe Shoes – only available in store

This shoe is suitable for beginners and for the wide or young foot who has had little training in pointe work. This is a great training shoe. We suggest rises in first position parallel through demi pointe up to full pointe is good to soften the Box as well as walking on demi pointe

Sizes 2A, 2.5B, 4B, 6B, 3C, 3.5C, 4C, 4.5C, 5C, 5.5C, 6C, 6.5C, 7C, 7.5C, 3D, 3.5D, 4D, 4.5D, 5D, 5.5D, 6.5D, 7.5D, 4E, 4.5E, 5E, 5.5E, 6E, 6.5E

SALE – Bloch Suprima Pointe Shoes – only available in store

Suitable for Greek and Egyptian feet and suits the dancer with a strong narrow foot – All levels. The Suprima pointe shoe has a streamline tapered shape. This shoe has the smallest platform of all the Bloch pointe shoes, which gives an aesthetically pleasing finish to the leg line, fitting snugly at the heel.

Sizes 3.5B, 4B (strong), 4.5B, 6B, 2.5C, 3C, 3.5C, 4C, 4.5C, 5.5C, 6C, 6.5C, 5D, 5.5D, 6D (strong)

SALE – Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoes – only available in store

Designed for students and professionals with flexible arches, the unsecured heel and shank design works to stabilise and align the foot en pointe. It actively supports the foot under the metatarsals while still allowing the foot to arch at the 3/4. Suitable for all foot types – All levels – the Sonata has a wide platform and medium strength shank and the heel shape has a snug narrow fit.

Sizes: 3B, 3.5B, 4B, 4.5B, 6B, 7.5B, 8B, 3C, 3.5C, 4C, 4.5C, 3D, 3.5D, 4D, 4.5D, 5.5D, 6D, 7.5D, 8D, 5E, 9E

SALE – Bloch Serenade Pointe Shoes – only available in store

This shoe has a wide platform that helps with stability laterally and reduce ‘sickling’ or falling off the shoe sideways. The shape of the box and fairly short wings tend to suit more square shaped or shorter toes. It has a medium shank. Suitable for all foot types and most suited to the Intermediate dancer to Professional.

Sizes: 3B, 4B, 4.5B, 5B, 5.5B, 3.5C, 4C, 4.5C, 5C, 6.5C, 8.5C, 3D, 3.5D, 4.5D