Ballroom & Latin Shoe Information

Our high quality dance shoes provide excellent support for your feet.  A good fit is essential as shoes should be snug and not tight as leather shoes may stretch slightly with use.  We can help you to find the proper fit and style that is both functional and comfortable.  Please note that there is more to your shoe size than just the length of your feet, the width of your feet must also be taken into account, so please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance regarding correct fitting of shoes, as we aim to cater for narrow, medium and wide fittings.

We have Latin open-toed sandal or Standard Court closed-toe shoes for the ladies and for the men we have Standard Oxfords or Cuban heel Latin shoes.  Non-slip soles are essential and suede soles enable you to have the right combination of grip and slide.

Dancesport accessories such as heel protectors, shoe/dance bags and suede shoe brushes are also available as well as products to protect and care your shoes.



  • Size 11UK Child (29EUR) (11.5 USA)
  • Size 11.5UK Child (30EUR) (12 USA)
  • Size 12UK Child (30.5EUR) (12.5 USA)
  • Size 12.5UK Child (31EUR) (13 USA)
  • Size 13UK Child (31.5EUR) (13.5 USA)
  • Size 13.5UK Child (32.2 EUR) (1 USA)
  • Size 1UK Child (33EUR) (1.5 USA)
  • Size 1.5UK Child (33.5EUR) (2 USA)
  • Size 2UK Ladies (34EUR) (4.5US)
  • Size 2.5UK Ladies (35EUR) (5US)
  • Size 3UK Ladies (35.5EUR) (5.5US)
  • Size 3.5UK Ladies (36EUR) (6US)
  • Size 4UK Ladies (37EUR) (6.5US)
  • Size 4.5UK Ladies (37.5EUR) (7US)
  • Size 5UK Ladies (38EUR) (7.5US)
  • Size 5.5UK Ladies (39EUR) (8US)
  • Size 6UK Ladies (39.5EUR) (8.5US)
  • Size 6.5UK Ladies (40EUR) (9US)
  • Size 7UK Ladies (40.5EUR) (9.5US)
  • Size 7.5UK Ladies (41EUR) (10US)
  • Size 8UK Ladies (42EUR) (10.5US)



  • Size 11UK Boys (29 EUR) (11.5 USA)
  • Size 11.5UK Boys (29.7 EUR) (12 USA)
  • Size 12UK Boys (30.5 EUR) (12.5 USA)
  • Size 12.5UK Boys (31 EUR) (13 USA)
  • Size 13UK Boys (31.5 EUR) (13.5 USA)
  • Size 13.5UK Boys (33 EUR) (1 USA)
  • Size 1UK Boys (33.5 EUR) (1.5 USA)
  • Size 1.5UK Boys (34 EUR) (2 USA)
  • Size 2UK Boys (34.7 EUR) (2.5 USA)
  • Size 2.5UK Boys (35 EUR) (3 USA)
  • Size 3UK Boys (35.5 EUR) (3.5 USA)
  • Size 3.5UK Boys (36 EUR) (4 USA)
  • Size 4UK Mens (37 EUR) (4.5 USA)
  • Size 4.5UK Mens (37.5 EUR) (5 USA)
  • Size 5UK Mens (38 EUR) (5.5 USA)
  • Size 5.5UK Mens (38.5 EUR) (6USA)
  • Size 6UK Men (39.3 EUR) (6.5 USA)
  • Size 6.5UK Men (40 EUR) (7 USA)
  • Size 7UK Men (40.5 EUR) (7.5 USA)
  • Size 7.5UK Men (41 EUR) (8 USA)
  • Size 8UK Men (42 EUR) (8.5 USA)
  • Size 8.5UK Men (42.5 EUR) (9 USA)
  • Size 9UK Men (43 EUR) (9.5 USA)
  • Size 9.5UK Men (44 EUR) (10 USA)
  • Size 10UK Men (44.5 EUR) (10.5 USA)
  • Size 10.5UK Men (45 EUR) (11 USA)
  • Size 11UK Men (46 EUR) (11.5 USA)
  • Size 11.5UK Men (46.5 EUR) (12 USA)
  • Size 12UK Men (47 EUR) (12.5 USA)


Very Fine Dance Shoes have an excellent range of heel types available depending on the style of shoe required.  The most popular Ladies heel heights are:

  • Competitive Dancer Series Heel Types: 2.5″ Slim or 2.5″ Flare or 2″ Medium
  • Classic/Salsera Series Heel Types: 1.3″ Cuban or 2.5″ Low Heel or 3″ High
  • Very Fine signature/Party Party/ C Series Heel Types: 2.75″ Flare, 2.5″ Heel, 2″ Slim Cuban Heel, 1.2″ Cuban Heel



Michelle can special order dance shoes for her customers if they require a particular width, heel height or colour to be made, however a deposit is required before she can proceed with special orders.   A shoe fitting consultation is very important to check she has your correct sizing and details to suit your particular needs and requirements.  This may take between 45 minutes and an hour and can be done on an appointment basis, so please do not hesitate to call her on 5432871 to schedule a booking.